02 Nico Robin DIAMOND I
03 Ex Shadow DIAMOND I
04 Ban Warlock DIAMOND I
05 Colossus DIAMOND I
06 Gianluca Pa... DIAMOND II
Begin your Journey on our multiverse of Ragnarok on Cosmos Ragnarok. 
No Job Changer and new command @afk and @autopot !!
Summoner Class is fully working!
Rates : 75x/75x/20x
Card : 0.1% Normal / 0.01% MVP
Max Level : 175/70 [3rd Job]
Main Town : Caelestia Castellum (Cosmos Custom Town)
Max ASPD : 194
Max Stats : 130

-======= Server Features =======-
Weekend Madness : Receive 2x Rates Experiences and Drop on Weekends!!!!
Daily Rewards : Receive Rewards every day you login !!
Weapon Mastery : Every weapons grant passive bonuses based on how long you used it!!
Rune System [To be Implemented] : Obtain a powerful Rune and attach to your weapon , battle to obtain the power of the True Original Rune with our exciting events
Daily Events everyday : Disguise,Poring Catcher,etc...
Stock Market : Could you risk your money to invest for greater good???
Cosmos Gem  : Obtain the Cosmos Gem to be traded with our special Costume Item by collecting item dropped by the MVP !!
Gambling System : because farm is sometimes kinda consuming , you want take the risk and get rich fast???
We have much vision for this server and can't wait to show it our communities